Who am I?

Expert in natural sciences, I have a 10-years research experience in the reconstruction of (past and current) societies / environments / climates interactions.

What did the past landscapes look like? How did the continental environments react to the growing influence of human activities? To what extent have in turn the human activities been affected by the environmental changes?

So many questions that I looked at, mainly on Swiss and French study sites.

Convinced of the crucial importance of strengthening the deep bonds that unite us to the world around us, I now aim to create bridges between society and environment, between human and nature. Looking for the dialogue with the nature, I resource myself by hiking and encountering with the wild edible and traditional medicinal plants of our regions. Health and happiness also originating from what is in our plates, I like to find and create new flavors through cooking, that I like to share with family and friends. I also practice qi gong (static and movements) for ten years.

My path

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My skills range is very varied. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Interested in science?

I devoted a decade of my career to academic research. I reconstructed past landscapes and the interactions between (current and past) societies, environments and climate through the analysis of natural archives, like lake sediments and soils. I used an approach mixing sedimentology, organic molecules (mainly of plant origin), as well as botany and historical and archaeological data.

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